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Sparkling Ice
Arizona African Rooibos Red Tea
Fever-Tree New Flavours
New US 12oz Soda
July 2021

Beverage Newsletter

Arizona African Rooibos Red Tea
New Product: Arizona African Rooibos Red Tea
Take a journey to South Africa with AriZona Rooibos Red Tea 680ml can. Made with only 4 ingredients and real sugar. AriZona has worked to create this Red Tea alongside the Nelson Mandela Foundation to celebrate in their efforts and continue the message of the great Nelson Mandela. No price on can.
Tonica Tonica Kombucha Order Online
New Product: Tonica Kombucha
TONICA Kombucha. Batch brewed in Toronto since 2006. Now available: 9 delicious flavours in 12x355ml glass and 3 flavours in 6x355ml cans.
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La Croix Order Online
New Flavour: La Croix

Guava São Paulo is the latest new flavour that you won't find locally unless you are buying from Allmart.
Sparkling Ice Order Online
New Flavours: Sparkling Ice

Now stocking 5 new flavours: Cherry Limade, Lemon Lime (new look), Classic Lemonade, Coconut Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit.
Fever-Tree Order Online
New Flavours: Fever-Tree

Now stocking 3 flavours in new formats: Elderflower Tonic Water in 8x500ml Glass, Refreshing Light Ginger Ale in 24x200ml Glass and Ginger Beer in 24x150ml Cans.
12oz Cans US
New Flavours: US 12oz Sodas

Sourced from our neighbours to the south we have 3 additional 12oz sodas not produced in Canada. Crush Strawberry, Crush Peach and Diet Vernors Soda.
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